Homecoming week for Highschools is a time to celebrate, get into the school spirit, and enjoy a week of fun leading up to the big game at the end of the week. Traditionally that means a few pranks here and there. Whether it is at the teachers' or other students' expense, it usually involves toilet paper, shaving cream, and maybe some plastic wrap here and there. I have seen random toilets in the yard, and even some street cones placed out in various places as well.

It seems this year things are getting a bit more intense with the pranks for homecoming and Westlake Police Chief Chris Wilrye has already informed the Westlake High School  Head Football Coach that the Westlake Police Department isn't going to put up with it.

Good morning coach, when you see your players, can you let them know due to last nights events all homecoming pranks are done and over. If they are caught out they could be arrested for criminal mischief.

Chief Wilrye

The announcement from Chief Wilrye isn't just him trying to spoil any fun, it seems that over the weekend there were some dangerous activities going on allegedly involving some Westlake football players. Nothing has been confirmed that it was them. According to a string of comments on a Facebook post, allegedly the players were causing quite a disturbance including tearing up yards and running stop signs. One comment even suggests that someone had thrown buckets of cement into a swimming pool over the weekend. A few of the private Westlake Facebook groups reported normal egging and toilet papering, but others said they were left with random furniture in their yards over the weekend and found their vehicles had been shot with paintballs.

It seems Chief Wilrye is pretty serious about this situation, so maybe don't dip into the hurricane and pandemic toilet paper stash this year.

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