Taking week long vacations to far away destinations are always fun, but life doesn't always allow it. And we understand that sometimes it's just not in the plans or your budget. With that in mind, it's no reason to sit at home eating cheap popcorn in the dark while watching C-list movies on Netflix.

Here are several trips near Lake Charles that you can take for a weekend getaway and don't have to break the bank booking a flight to get there. Also, it shouldn't take you more than a three hour drive to reach these destinations.

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    Kemah Boardwalk

    Kemah, Texas

    At just under two and a half hours away from Lake Charles, I'm pretty sure you can find something to do year round in Kemah, Texas. Leisure, restaurants, shopping, and more. There's something to do, I guarantee it.

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    Moody Gardens

    Galveston, Texas

    At just under three hours from Lake Charles, Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas is a fun getaway no matter the time of year, and there's plenty of hotels nearby for you to relax and forget about the I-10 & I-210 traffic.

    There's golf, an aquarium, a rain forest, and more to enjoy.

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    Galleria Houston

    Houston, Texas

    You're probably asking yourself, how is an upscale mall a weekend getaway? If you're asking that question, it means you've never visited the Galleria in Houston. The mall is huge. It has a hotel connected to it, which I've stayed in, plenty of shopping, ice skating, and great restaurants in the area within waking distance.

    Worried about expensive rooms? Head on over to Priceline.com and name your price for the best deals.

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    Houston Zoo

    Houston, Texas

    Roughly two hours away is a trip you can take the kids along for. Nestled in Downtown Houston lives your favorite animals like lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! Corny, but I couldn't contain myself.

  • 5

    Downtown Aquarium - Houston

    Houston, Texas

    Taking the kids to the zoo this weekend? Might as well take them to the aquarium as well for a weekend they won't forget.

    Tour eight exciting areas including the Louisiana Swamp, an underwater Shipwreck, tropical Rainforest, Sunken Temple, an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico, our Education Room and lastly Maharaja’s Temple. - Downtown Aquarium - Houston

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