A video posted to Facebook by Zach Bowman during Hurricane Delta shows a line of cars hilariously trying to order drive-thru from a closed Burger King in Beaumont.

The fast food restaurant had closed earlier in anticipation of the storm, but that didn't stop a line of motorists from trying to order their Double Whoppers With Cheese Friday night.

What seems to be happening is the person at the front of the line stops by the order speaker and waits in vain for someone to take their order. After that never happens, they then slowly drive up to the window and wait there for a minute before realizing the restaurant is closed and no one is inside before driving away.

This causes the cars in line behind the first vehicle to think everything's fine because the car in front of them stopped, put in their order, then drove to the window and stopped again, presumably to pay and pick up their burgers. They, in turn, then do the same thing. Drive up, wait to order, nothing happens. Drive to the window, wait for someone who isn't there, then drive away. The driver behind them then thinks everything's fine and the whole process repeats itself until you get a line leading out into the street.

Check out the full video below.

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