Have you seen this new commercial H-E-B put out for the big game featuring the King Of Country Music George Strait? Well, you're in luck because we have it for you right here.

Let us set the scene for you. The commercial features a rocket on a launchpad and the countdown has begun. All the mission control people are doing their last-minute adjustments before the launch.

The flight controller starts a checklist with all systems to see if they are ready for launch when the commander of the rocket comes over the radio to stall the launch because they were missing some supplies.

The mission control director asked, "What supplies because it's only a 15-minute flight." The rocket commander comes back and says a passenger on the rocket says the supplies are critical.


That's when they notice a vehicle approaching the launch pad and out jumps an H-E-B delivery driver with a bag full of groceries.  He walks up the stairs to the door to the rocket and knocks on the door.

The door opens and there sits George Strait in a flight suit and a cowboy hat. George looks at the delivery driver and says, "Right on Time".  It was hilarious. See what happens next in this terrific commercial with George Strait in it.  Check it out below.

How great was that!  We don't think this commercial ran during the actual big game nationally but it could have run regionally in the Texas markets.  Either way, it was awesome to see George Strait and his sense of humor come out in the great add.  We hope you enjoyed it.

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