Last night after the Major League Baseball home run derby they held the Legends and Celebrity softball game and Saints Quarterback Drew Brees was a part of the festivities.

The game was held at Petco Field in San Diego California.  You may remember that Drew Brees actual started his career playing quarterback for the San Diego Chargers.  After a shoulder injury, the Chargers sent Brees packing and he ended up in New Orleans playing for the Saints.  The rest is history!

Well last night Drew was part of the Legends and Celebrity softball game during Major League baseball's All-star break.  Drew was part of the National league team and in his first at bat, he cranked one out of the park hitting a home run.

Here is the video from last night:

Drew also ht a double in the game.  You go Drew!  Awesome right?  Unfortunately Drew's team lost 8-7.

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