Marshal Vic Salvador will not be running for re-election this November. Salvador was elected in 2018 after the retirement of Joey Alcede. He was elected as Ward 3 Marshal, and carried out the remaining term of Alcede, leading him up to the November 2020 re-election.

Salvador announced on his Marshal Facebook page that he would not be running for re-election this November. He said he has decided to step aside from his career of 33 years, despite his love for helping people and loving the community he has served for so long. He stated that he intends to remain an active participant in the community and will continue to be involved in civic organizations, and support first responders and local law enforcement. He also said looks forward to supporting whomever becomes the next elected official and encouraged the community to do the same.

Election day for this year will be on November 3. This election will be for President of the United States, Vice President, United States Senator, Judges, District Attorney, Justice of the Peace, City Marshals, and Tax Propositions.

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