Here is something that I am in favor of especially when it comes to the way that we are all working these days. Visit Lake Charles encourages everyone to celebrate National Vacation Day which is Tuesday, January 25. A new study from the Destination Analysts, commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association reveals that Americans who plan out their vacation take more time off, while 24% of American households don't even start the planning.

We have all had a stressful 2 years with the pandemic, and locally the Hurricanes that we have had to endure. Personally, I know that vacations work to help you reset and get you mentally prepared for things that you may be facing coming up. What's even better is that we have so many places within the driving range that could help those who need a quick getaway. Whether you go to New Orleans for a tour around Bourbon Street or heading up to Gavelston for a family day at Moody Gardens. There are so many things that can be done and it doesn't require a lot of planning or money.

While January 25, is not necessarily the day to choose as a vacation day. I would recommend this day as the day to get with your spouse and pick out some dates from the year on when you can venture out into some great things. If you would like to get some ideas or a little spark on some ideas, go to



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