President Donald Trump eventually endorsed Rep. Clay Higgins' re-election bid this November, but not before accidentally endorsing a random teenager on Twitter.

In a deleted tweet dated June 24 at 8:01pm, the President tweeted the following:


The only problem is that @ClayHiggins18 isn't @RepClayHiggins. It's a subtle distinction, but the news came as a surprise to the much younger Higgins who had no idea he'd helped the President with things like "Cutting Taxes" and "our Military and are [sic] Vets."

The President quickly corrected his mistake by deleting the previous tweet and mentioning the correct Clay Higgins in a follow-up post a few minutes later.

It looks like he still missed the "are Vets" thing, but hey. Typos happen to everyone, even Presidents. I know I'm physically incapable of spotting typos until it's too late, and then they all jump out at me like monsters from the closet.

Presidential tweets are a matter of public record. For a full list of all President Trump's tweets, including those that have been deleted, click here.

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