Last night, I got a text from a good buddy telling me there were a bunch of police in front of the Townsquare Media Studios, so I called the Lake Charles City Police Department and found out they were working a wreck that involved a truck that had plowed into our building.

I immediately called the boss, aka Brad DOT Burley, to notify him, then I headed up to the office to see if I could assist in any way possible.

What happened, you ask? Well, a person was driving a motor home down the feeder road on Lakeshore Drive towing a three-quarter ton pickup truck when the truck came loose from the motor home hitch and headed straight for our building.

Radio Station Crash (Photo By Mike Soileau)

The truck left the roadway and came through the entrance to our parking lot, hopped the curb, picked off our sign out front and plowed into the building, taking out the entire front wall.

By the time I got to the studios, the police were on the scene and the truck had already been towed out of the building, leaving carnage everywhere.

Radio Station Crash (Photo By Mike Soileau)

The front right corner of our building was hit, which is where our Business/HR Manager's office is located. The wall was pushed in, which is connected to the break room/kitchen, and it busted the pipes, causing water to pour down our hallway.

So a scary moment, but thank goodness no one was hurt.

Radio Station Crash (Photo By Mike Soileau)