The record-breaking season that is Hurricane Season 2020 is once again running way ahead of schedule. Over the Labor Day weekend, two areas of disturbed weather were designated as tropical storms. That brings the season count to 17 with the formation of tropical storms Paulette and Rene.

The good news about both of those systems is that tropical model guidance suggests that they will remain out to sea, at least for the time being. As of now, forecasters do not see these systems impacting any major landmass anytime soon.

Both systems are currently minimal tropical storms with maximum sustained winds at 40 mph. Rene is forecast to reach hurricane status later in the week. Paulette is forecast to remain a tropical storm.

Closer to home, there is an area of disturbed weather off the Carolina coast. This system is actually about 250 miles west southwest of Bermuda but moving toward the west. Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center have given this system a 40% probability of strengthening as it moves toward the Outer Banks of North Carolina over the next few days.

Meanwhile, another tropical wave is forecast to roll off the African continent by the middle of the week. Forecasters will be watching that system for further development. The Gulf of Mexico remains quiet and there is not tropical activity forecast for that portion of the Atlantic Basin for the next five days.


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