A trailer park designed to house a community of swingers is moving into the city of Mamou.

The motto of the trailer park is "Bring your house and share your spouse". Since being reported on KLFY TV the story has gone viral all over the world. An employee from Tee Boi's, Nick Broussard, told Louisiana Network News that their phone has been ringing off the hook. He went on to say that he has received calls from as far as California and New York with people who are interested in moving into the park.

Broussard would also tell Louisiana Network News that they're considering changing the plans for the park. He said it was initially planned to be a campground with weekend-themed nights, however, Broussard says this is becoming so much bigger than they could have ever imagined.

DreRoyalty via YouTube
DreRoyalty via YouTube

The swinger trailer park was originally scheduled to open Memorial Day Weekend 2022, but they might move that up to capitalize on their newfound celebrity. Also, they're thinking of offering permanent resident options in the park as well.

Check out the interview with owner David Aucoin below:

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