It seems that some in government think that the job of government is to control the people they govern. I understand laws that protect people; but don't understand laws that regulate our everyday lives. Worse than just passing the law is all the government spending it takes to enforce the law. Such a law is being proposed right here in Louisiana.

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Louisiana State representative Marcus Hunter now wants to tell people where they can live. Isn't this the "land of the free?" According to Mr. Hunter is upset that Louisiana students are receiving free education through the TOPS program and then leaving the state to work elsewhere. He is proposing a law that would force these students to work in Louisiana after they graduate..

I understand that he is upset and I understand why. I don't understand how he would enforce this law. I do know it would cost a lot of money to enforce it. Why not just use that money for tax incentives to lure companies to Louisiana that would employ these graduates. Why not use that money to attract businesses that would make Louisiana a more attractive place to live for the graduates. Why not spend his and the state senate's time thinking of ways to attract business instead of unenforceable government regulations. Just sayin'. Don't make me run for office!

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