It's Superbowl time.  The NFL's golden anniversarry of the Superbowl is this Sunday between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  The Superbowl is at Levi Stadium in San Francisco this year.

It's hard to beleive but this will be the 50th Superbowl.  But lets be real.  We love the Superbowl for the commercials.  Well I thought about it and I wanted to share the top five Superbowl commercials of all time in my opinion.

#5  Mean Joe Green Coca Cola

I remember this as a kid wishing i was the one who got his jersey! Classic!

#4 Career Builder Monkeys

I totally forgot about this one until I started watching old commercials. Pretty Funny

#3 Budweiser Frogs

I remember when this came out.  i loved it.  i remember going around going Bud -- Wies -- SER!

#2 Betty White Snickers

In 2010 this first aired during the Superbowl.  It was so funny and honestly It relaunched Betty White to a new audience and she even hosted Saturday Night Live which was very highly rated that year.

#1 Darth Vader The Force: Volkswagen

I can watch this one over and over.  It's funny but also super cute.  I mean can't we all see our kids or grandkids trying this out!

Enjoy Superbowl 50 this Sunday February 7th.  My prediction, Geaux Bronco's.