We are all getting ready to ring in 2017 and we will all either have a party or attend a party with family and friends.  We all know that one of the essential things for anyone's successful New Year's celebration is to let some fireworks off at midnight.

Well we have the top five most popular fireworks to buy for your celebration.

#5 Sparkers  

They usually last about 30 to 45 seconds but kids think it's the greatest thing they have ever held in their hands.

Sparklers (Getty Images)

#4  Roman Candles

Roman Candles are those long thin tubes that when you light them shoot out a series of 8 to 10 fireballs out of them.  Also a kids favorite!

Fireworks (Getty Images)

#3 Cone Fountains

Also pretty safe.  You put them in the ground and light the top.  A series of sparks will shoot up and change to a bunch of different colors.

Cone Fountians (Getty Images)

#2 Firecrackers

This is the one firework that makes the most noise and will scare the **** out of your friends and family who are not expecting them to go off.

Firecrackers (Getty Images)

#1 Bottle Rockets

These are my all time favorite.  They call them bottle rockets because you are suppose to actually place them in a bottle and light them and the take off flying and pop in mid air.  By far the best.

Bottle Rockets (Getty Images)

Happy New Year everyone and be safe!