If ever there was a holiday that people needed no coaxing to participate in, this might be the one. I would suppose stay in bed day, get a free massage day, or be waited on hand and foot day could  be stiff competition for that honor.  But since none of those holidays exist, lets go for the double scoop on a waffle cone and join the party people today.

Today Is Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Chocolate ice cream has its roots in Italy. It seems some brilliant Italians decided that the delicious taste of hot chocolate was too good not to enjoy during the warm Summer months. So they whipped up a batch of hot chocolate and froze it. The frozen creating became a hit through Italy and the rest of the world.

Today chocolate ice cream is the flavor of ice cream preferred by more Americans than any other flavor. Twenty-seven percent of Americans list chocolate ice cream as their favorite, followed by vanilla and cookie dough.  Statistics show that almost half of us like to eat our ice cream out of cup while only one third of us like a cone.  Hot fudge is our number one topping and two percent of Americans live such lonely and hollow lives they say they don't eat any ice cream.