How many of you read directions or instructions? You know, like when you make a purchase of a new appliance or device do you actually read about the best way to use it or do you just "figure it out" as you go along?  I would fall into the "figure it out" crowd. For most of my life that "figure it out" methodology has served me well but every now and then I get the chance to be amazed and feel stupid all at the same time.

The vehicle I drive, like a lot of you, is a larger vehicle. In fact, it's a truck and as with many trucks and SUVs, there are certain accessories included for passenger comfort and enjoyment. One of those unsung additions to the cabin of most trucks and SUVs is the passenger assist handle. Also known as the "holy #XI% you're driving too fast" handle.

Well believe it or not that handle has another use that I am willing to bet most of us never knew about. Tik Tok user @jmac8781 features a lot of "did you know" content on her page and I have to admit, I was just as blown away by this revelation regarding the grab handle as she was.

Did you see what just happened there? She was able to lock the handle in the down position. This makes the handle so much more valuable as clothes and garment hangers. Sure, I've hung clothes on the handle before but I have also had them fall off because of the spring-loaded mechanism in the handle.

jmac8781 via TikTok
jmac8781 via TikTok

I bet this will come in handy for a lot of families over the next few weeks as students move out of dorms and back home for the summer break. Heck, I wonder if the handles are strong enough to string a hammock between them? That would turn the 2006 Ford Freestyle into a camper.

Do you have any automotive hacks that you've discovered? We love to learn so be sure and share those with us. Also if your car is dirty and looks like crap, take it to one of these places. Maybe you could snooze in your "handle hammock" while the car is being rinsed.

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