I am a few days late announcing this. It actually released back on the 17th of November. I had totally forgotten about it, until I was sitting on my couch and ran across it. Did I binge the entire second season in one night? You bet your sweet bippy I did! What could it possibly be about?

Without giving away the entire thing, the second season takes a look back on where our favorite characters are now as a result of the first round of the series. Some have gotten incredibly famous and wealthy, some have gotten into a lot of trouble, but Joe is still sitting in prison.

The series breaks down into almost recaps of each person as it goes on. We begin to meet new characters that, after the first season, began to dive headfirst into all of the scandalous plots and cases that put Joe Exotic behind bars. There's even a lawyer that dives into the mystery of Carol Baskin's missing husband. We find out way more information this time around and further form opinions on exactly what is going on in this twisted story we fell in love with during the pandemic.

Although it's reality and a documentary, the end of the series spins around with a huge plot twist that you just wonder if we will really see Joe Exotic get out of jail!

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