From Boudin Class to Gumbo Spoons, these 11 photos perfectly capture what it means to live in Louisiana.


It's good to see education focusing on the important things in life.




Who wants a boring old Sloppy Joe when you could have a Sloppy Boudreaux?




Drive-thru daiquiri tape is the thin beige line that separates us from anarchy.




Budget cuts? No problem!




I wonder what kind of gas mileage he gets?



Let's go this way! No, let's go that way! This is how divorces happen.




When regular plastic spoons just won't cut it.




Where's the filé, though?




Trying to drive in the Louisiana rain. Any amount of rain. Anywhere. At any time.




Now's a good time to talk about loving your hobby versus LOVING your hobby.




Quack, quack. Waddle, waddle.



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