Of all of the creatures, the Almighty decided to put on this Earth to roam the grounds at the same time as us humans I'd have to say cats are among the most intriguing.  I don't particularly like cats but then again, I don't really dislike them either. I believe I have a very catlike attitude toward cats. Namely, I only mess with them when there is something in it for me. It's the same way your cat feels about you.

To me, cats are like that really insecure kid in high school. You know the one that acts all cool and sophisticated but beneath the facade, there is a very timid creature. Cats act like that. They seem to want you to believe they have it under control but in reality, they are basically scared of their own shadows.

Oh, and if you can believe videos like this, there is something else they are afraid of.


Yeah, those cats have been scared out of their skin by the always nefarious looking cucumber. Yeah, a cucumber. A vegetable that only brings fear into my home when I have to eat it. But apparently, a cucumber will make a cat do this.

The better question here is "why do cucumbers scare cats that way"? I wish I had a definitive answer I could give you but I will share the theories I found reading articles online. This article from Reader's Digest suggests a lot of reasons why cats freak out over cucumbers.

Many of you have probably made the snake connection. I can see to the eyes of a cat how a cucumber might resemble one of those reptiles. Cats don't care for snakes and a snake the size of cucumber would not be something I'd care to see either.

Another theory about these cat videos is how the cucumber arrives on the scene. For example, in many videos, the cucumber is quickly and secretly placed near the cat. Many animal experts suggest that the simple appearance of the veggie where there was none is enough to cause the felines to fly.

Now, animal experts will caution you that no matter how totally hilarious these cat videos are to look at, they don't want you scaring your cat that way. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, that kind of jumping and twisting and acceleration of the heart rate is not good for your cat. Seriously, they could pull a muscle or strain a tendon jumping the way they do.

Also, a constant atmosphere of fear will turn your cat psycho. No creature needs or deserves to be scared for the humour needs of others. Just don't do it, it's animal cruelty. It's funny, true, but it really is kind of cruel.

I guess if we're going to crack wise on cats at their worst we should at least return the favor to our human brothers and sisters. Here is a "best" look at us at not being so cool either.

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