It's National Deep Dish Pizza Day! If you're looking celebrate this delicious holiday you're going to need to know which pizza joints have the best deep dish pizza in the area, and since I consider myself a pizza connoisseur I did a little research and made up a list of the best spots in Lake Charles.

Let me tell you, this was not an easy task. Lake Charles is home to many tasty pizza places, but not every pizza restaurant has deep dish pizza. I mean, I get it, deep dish pizza is a Chicago thing, so why would be have an abundance of options in Southwest Louisiana? And even though there isn't a deep dish spot on every corner, the ones we do have will definitely get the National Deep Dish Pizza Day job done.

  • Johnny's Pizza at 4517 Nelson Rd can load up your deep dish with everything from cheese and pepperoni to one of their specialty pizza toppings like "Maui Wowie"
  • If you're looking for a quick deep dish fix don't forget about Little Caesar's, their deep deep dish pizza is amazing!
  • Tony's Pizza has been pumping out pies since 1968 and makes a delicious 12" deep dish!
  • I'm sure you've all stopped by for the pizza buffet, but today you're going to want to place an order for their delectable deep dish I'm talking about CiCi's Pizza, duh!

See, what did I tell you? Lake Charles has a few deep dish spots that will not disappoint. So, pick up a pie and enjoy National Deep Dish Pizza Day!


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