Target announced on June 1 that they were finally reopening their dressings rooms. The retailer was holding on to reopening their rooms even after the President began to lift the mask mandate across the nation. As the pandemic began last year, most retail chains were forced to close their doors due to lack of business or to CDC guidelines. As the guidelines changed, these stores were allowed to reopen, but only under strict rules.

After a year, Target is now ready to let you try on all the clothes you want in their fitting rooms. No longer do you have to buy a few sizes of each only to return what didn't fit when you finally got home to try them on. The store updated their FAQs Tuesday to officially announce their fittings rooms are now open. The store also added that they will continue to clean and disinfect the stores as they have been to keep all of their customers safe while shopping.

Other stores are following along with opening their dressings rooms, as well. Gap, Nordstrom, and Kohl's have all confirmed on their sites that they have unlocked their dressing rooms for customers. Some Target stores will have limited rooms open, but that is due to them still being used as vaccination stations at this time.

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