The newest entertainment to fall due to the virus is the YMBL South Texas State Fair. Judge Jeff Branick of Jefferson County issued a disaster declaration for the area due to potential health concerns the fair could bring.

The Jefferson County Mobile Medical Unit went out to two possible infected concerns in the area for testing. One resulted in negative for any sickness and the other did test positive for the flu. Despite the lack of a COVID-19 presence, Jefferson County will keep its declaration of disaster in place as a precaution.

The 11-day festival brings in over 300,000 visitors annually and was scheduled March 26 through April 5. The Nederland Heritage Festival is currently going on and is being allowed to continue despite the new declaration that is in place, due to it already running before.

The declaration affects any event that is permitted or sponsored in Jefferson County or at any public facility. It also prohibits any event that attracts more than 200 people that could include some with health conditions and limits visitation to senior living centers and nursing homes.

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