There was a time a few weeks ago when we were all wishing the rain would stop. It needed to stop. We had coulees and creeks rising out of their banks, nobody could get their grass cut, and it was just a miserable way to spend a Summer day.

We should all be careful what we wish for. The next few days and even the next few weeks do not show any significant chances of precipitation. Not even the afternoon showers or thunderstorms will be making an appearance. It will simply be hot.

The next few days forecasters at the National Weather Service in Lake Charles are suggesting the chance of rain will be less than minimal and the heat index will make it feel as warm as 106 degrees.  The only saving grace might be a shower or two forming along the sea breeze each afternoon.

An area of high pressure will dominate the South Louisiana landscape at least until next Sunday. From Lake Charles to Baton Rouge you can expect daytime high temperatures to reach 95-96 degrees while the overnight cooling will barely make it to 80 degrees. Heat Advisories could be issued for the area should conditions warrant.

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