On March 11, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a Sulphur gas station regarding two men sleeping inside a car parked at the gas pumps.

Cpl. Jarrod Durflinger and Deputy David Webster with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office probably never had an easier bust. Why are criminals so dumb?

So imagine yourself a drug smuggler. You are carrying marijuana, ecstasy and a large amount of cash down I-10 through Lake Charles and Sulphur. Would you not try to be completely discrete? Well Johnson and Coco don't roll like that. Oh... the evil geniuses I am speaking of Alan M. Johnson and Gerell K. Coco both of Baton Rouge. They decided it was time for a little rest (after sampling some of the marijuana.) Did they stop at a rest area? Did they get a room with some of that cash? The answer to both questions is "no."

Johnson and Coco decided to nap at a closed Sulphur gas station right next to the pumps. I guess they thought that would make them first in line in the morning. Maybe they were running on fumes. Who knows what intellectual conversation in the smoke filled car resulted in the decision to sleep right there.

All was going well with the Adventures of Johnson and Coco until store employees called the police in the morning. According to a CPSO press release deputies conducted a search of the car and recovered a trash bag containing marijuana, a large amount of cash, and a bag containing over 100 multicolored pills, later discovered to be Ecstasy.

Johnson and Coco are now telling their adventure stories at The Mancuso Hilton. I have to admit that "Johnson and Coco" does have a ring to it; but I will tell Johnson and Coco what people say to me and my wife ...."Get a room!"


CPSO Johnson


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