Let's face it. The Super Bowl is a great excuse for a party even when  the Saints are not playing in it. There is a problem though. The game starts at around 5:30 on Sunday afternoon and runs well into the evening. The party can run even later. Let's face it. We need the following Monday off.

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I bet if you took a productivity poll for the Monday after the Super Bowl you would find that it is not a good day. Most people are probably moving a little slow and the ones at full speed are going to spend a lot of time talking about the game, the commercials and the half time performance (anything but working.) So why not just take the day off? There is a petition now to declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Sign it here. If the petition garners 10,000 signatures before February 23rd President Obama must address the issue. With the Congressional approval rating at an all time low they might do something crazy to get back in good graces with the American people. I said "might." Let's force the point (so to speak.)

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