It’s hard not to like Thanksgiving. Food … family … football … what more do ya want? But let’s face it – cooking a Thanksgiving dinner isn’t exactly a cake walk. (Mmmm. Cake.) In fact, sometimes, it’s a downright pain in the turkey baster. But look, going to a restaurant for Turkey Day dinner shouldn’t carry a stigma. It’s actually kind of smart, especially if you have the cooking skills I do. Should I cook for my family and risk poisoning them all, ending our day of thanks in the emergency room? Or should I let the professionals handle this? I think you know where I’m going with this.

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    Ryan's Family Restaurant

    Turkey on the buffet? Why, don’t mind if I do!

    Ryan’s buffet adapts very well to Thanksgiving, providing all the choices you want at an affordable price. The food is good and it just keeps on coming. Plus, Ryan’s dining room is huge, meaning you’ve got a fine chance to get a seat even if you’re running a little late. There are 200 Ryan’s locations in 23 states, so if you’re on the road, you’ve still got a real fair chance of finding a place to stop and nosh. Lunch and dinner.

    4051 Ryan St., Lake Charles

    Phone: (337) 477-2107

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    [TIE] Isle of Capri / L’Auberge Du Lac casinos

    At these tables, the odds are in YOUR favor.

    Thanksgiving dinner at the casino? Turkey and table games? Oh, yes sir. We can’t promise you you’ll win at blackjack, but we can promise you a win at the buffet table. It’s a casino, for Pete’s sake – you know the food will be top notch, and it will come in massive piles that will make you happy and miserable at the same time. Our suggestion? Wear loose pants and make sure your belt can go up one more notch. Lunch and dinner.
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    Pitt Grill

    Proving the locals can hang with the big boys, too.

    A South Louisiana tradition since 1950, Pitt Grill started on Kirby Street here in Lake Charles and is now in Alexandria, Sulphur and Iowa, too. The main Lake Charles location is now on Prien Lake Road, and they’ll be whipping up a buffet that’ll take you back to yesteryear.

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    Piccadilly Restaurant

    The granddaddy of the Thanksgiving dinner.

    For those who don’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner, Piccadilly is pretty much the classic, time-honored gold standard. It’s the variety that does it. A good Thanksgiving buffet gives you choices, and Piccadilly’s been doing choices since Harry S. Truman was in office. Piccadilly started in the 1940s in Baton Rouge and is now in 15 states. That’s a lot of turkey, Tom. Anyway, there’s going to be a lot to choose from on all fronts – entrees, desserts and sides. Check them out for lunch and dinner.

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