It seems that whether it's on the phone or the internet, there is always someone out to scam innocent people who are just trying to make a living. Well, news came out today from Sheriff Tony Mancuso that there is a possible scam going on in our area.

Victims in nearby parishes have reported receiving an email that appears to be from Louisiana Sheriffs Association President Sheriff Jason Ard. We are told to be careful, as the email is asking potential victims to collect gift cards and donate to veterans dealing with burdens from financial woes created by the pandemic. The email instructs you to reply if you'd like to participate. We are being told to not reply to the email at all.

Please make sure you verify the information before sending any money to anyone. Never wire money or gift card information over the phone or email. If you believe you may have been victimized, reach out to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office at 337-491-3605.

Make sure you are very careful with scammers. Sometimes, they will acquire information to someone you may actually know, so it's always great to do research before you fall victim.

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