You never get too old to have a little fitness in your life. Even more than that sometimes you are much better at things as you get older in life. The 28th Southwest Louisiana District Senior Games will be held in Lake Charles beginning March, 25th- April 11th. We get to see who the best of the best is and I am more than sure we all still have some of that athleticism in us.

For those who may not be familiar with the Senior Games, this is for seniors over the age of 50 who are welcome to participate in a variety of athletic, recreational, and social activities. This will also give many seniors an opportunity to meet new friends and try new ways to be active as well.

Some of the activities you can anticipate are backyard bait casting, bean bag baseball, shuffleboard, washer pitch, bowling, swimming, golf, dominoes, and more fun activities that many will be able to enjoy during the tenure of the event.

If you would like to participate or be a part of the SWLA District Senior Games, contact 337-721-4024 or visit the website here. So make sure and get your friends and even co-workers ready for some fun and the chance to meet even more friends.

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