There have certainly been a lot of changes in how marriage affects the last name of a spouse. Back in the dark ages of the 80s when I got married it was still very much a custom for the wife to take the last name of the husband. Then came the wife taking a hyphenated version of her last name and her husbands last name, that was in the 90's.

In the 2000s it became popular for both spouses to take hyphenated last names so both sir names were represented. That led to some really long names on the back of football jerseys. Now we are into the 2010s and there is another wind blowing back in a similar direction with the legalization of same sex marriage.

Many same sex couples have expressed the desire to share the same last name much like in traditional marriage of a few decades ago. The Department of Motor Vehicles now says that name change is now possible and it's easy for couples to do.

State Police Lt. J.B. Slaton with the Office of Motor Vehicles told the Louisiana Radio Network all that is required is a certified marriage license and social security records and the department's computers will take care of the name change.

Effective July 6th, everything is up and running, everything is working.

The records are verified through the Social Security Administration and the new license can be produced.