Catching an important break in what has been a strange season so far for the New Orleans Saints, the Louisiana State Police stated earlier today that it found "no evidence" that the team had used wiretapping technology to listen in on other teams.
According to several media outlets, State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson told the Associated Press that after several interview, there was no evidence that "state laws have been violated."

The wiretapping allegation came from an ESPN report that accused Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis of setting up communications equipment in his box at the Superdome so that he could listen to the communications of the opposing coaching staff. Loomis has vehemently denied those allegations, and others who have been with Loomis at games have said they’ve never seen him do anything of the sort.

The Saints have separately hired the firm of former FBI director Louis Freeh to conduct an investigation into any wrongdoing within the franchise.

--Source: NBC's Pro Football Talk

Loomis is serving his suspension from the team for his involvement in the Saints' bounty hunting scandal.  So far, neither the FBI nor Freeh has had any comment on the wiretapping issue.  If new allegations surface, the State Police will re-open their investigation.