They said the Saints could not win on the road., They said the Saints could not win in the cold. They were wrong. A stingy defense and strong running game give the Saints their first ever road playoff win and sets  up a return trip to Seattle. 

Drew Brees
getty images / Harry How

The first half was as impressive for the Saints defense as it was unimpressive for the Saints offense. The Saints defense only gave up one touchdown in the first half and it was off of a Brees interception. The Saints were only able to muster two field goals in the first half and went into the locker room down 7-6.

The Eagles got the ball first in the second half but the Saints defense forced a three and . Then the offense went to work two touchdowns and gained  a 20-7 lead. Philly came storming back to take a 24-23 lead but gave the Saints the ball with over 4 minutes left on the clock. The Saints were a benefit of a great return that featured a horse collar call ... resulting in excellent field position. The running game that had been strong all night took over at that point. The Saints marched the ball down the field leaving only 3 seconds on the clock before new kicker Shayne Graham nailed the game winning field goal.

The Saints now travel to Seattle where they were embarrassed a month ago. The difference is that in that game the Saints had no running game and no defense. The running game and defense are much improved since then and the Saints definitely want some pay back.

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