Going by the very American sounding name of USA Really, a Russian-based website is advocating Louisiana's secession from the United States. Citing three pillars of geography, economy, and religion as its foundation, it makes the following argument.

First, the site compares Louisiana’s land mass to other countries, claiming the state is smaller than Greece but larger than Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, and other small European countries. It also argues that Louisiana's total population is only slightly lower than that of Ireland, meaning that in terms of both land mass and population, Louisiana would be able to compete with other countries on the world stage.

Next, the site tackles the economy. As you might imagine, Louisiana's oil and natural gas resources take center stage, along with the port of New Orleans being a “strategic necessity” for shipping. The site also advocates for the wholesale removal of “the suffocating and outrageous regulations and procedures of the EPA, IRS, OSHA, TSA, and all the other federal bureaucracies” which falls in line with the standard dismantle everything rhetoric of propaganda websites.

Finally, the site argues that the “Christian Foundation” of Louisiana should be built upon St. Martin of Tours as “the ideal spiritual axis around which Christian life in Louisiana would revolve.” The site further states that documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution have “led to the collapse of the Christian faith” in America, and that only by leaving the U.S. could Louisiana “allow Christianity to take its rightful place again as the preeminent unifying and invigorating cultural force” in the state.

Stirring up discussions about secession are nothing new. Texas usually talks about it every few years, and California is actually putting the issue on its November 2018 ballot. The fact that this particular call for Louisiana to secede comes from a propaganda website of a foreign power isn’t surprising, as dividing the United States tends to be a high priority for any country wishing to sow discord among the American people.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

USA Really has previously published articles concerning rabid squirrels terrorizing Florida and warning that Protestantism leads to “magick” and witchcraft.

You can read the full Louisiana secession article here.

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