A lot of folks are upset that Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statewide order for all Louisianans to wear a face mask in public, commercial establishments, and while using public transportation. Obviously, the order is now being enforced to aid with containing the coronavirus outbreak in Louisiana.

The state, according to the governor and health officials, of the coronavirus pandemic is at an all-time high across the nation. As for Louisiana, the state has lost ground on containing the virus achieved during the stay-home order a couple of months ago. Now Louisiana is one of at least 43 states in the U.S., where COVID-19 cases are soaring.

With more than 78,000 Louisianians infected with coronavirus and counting, a mandate was inevitable. Though some people are upset, it's better than a complete shutdown again. Today, until further notice, the mandatory mask order goes into effect. For the official guidelines and rules: Statewide Face Covering Order

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