Before we get into the details, I have honestly always wondered what a Rotary Club does, so let's get that out of the way first before we move on to the details of drinking for a good cause.

The Rotary Club has been around for over 110 years with clubs all over the world. Started in 1905 in Chicago, founder Paul Harris wanted to promote comradery among people with other diverse backgrounds. That concept then grew into humanitarian duties and began to spread out across the world. Essentially, these guys and gals are from various backgrounds but come together to help their communities out in any way, shape, or form.

Now that I gave you a quick history lesson on who they are, let's talk about what they are doing over in Westlake. The Westlake Rotary Club has teamed up with Jeanne's Bourbon Street BBQ (also in Westlake) to host a happy hour to help raise money.

The money will be raised through what the club has deemed a Rotary Chiller. Go buy a fancy blue beverage if you're 21 or older, and the money will be donated to the Westlake Rotary Club for their Westlake High School Scholarship Fund.

The event will be this Wednesday, beginning at 5:30pm and will end at 7:30pm. During that time, they are asking everyone to come support the Rotary Club and Westlake High School by drinking a blue drink while the scholarship gets the green. Live music will also be involved, so take a little break during the middle of the week, unwind, and have a beverage for a good cause.

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