We told you about it earlier in the week. Now the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office has released the stats on the seatbelt check point that was conducted yesterday and here are the results:

On Thursday, June 16, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a seatbelt checkpoint at the 5800 block of Highway 12 in DeQuincy. As a result of the checkpoint, deputies checked 386 vehicles and issued 22 citations.

Citations were given as follow:

No seatbelt – 7

Illegal window tint – 3

Suspended drivers license – 1

No drivers license – 1

Defective equipment – 1

Expired drivers license – 1

Open container – 2

Expired motor vehicle inspection – 2

No child restraint – 5

Participating in this checkpoint were the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office; Louisiana State Police-Troop D; and Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

via Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

Buckle up and be safe out there and have a great Fathers day weekend!!!