Grab the tissues, you're about to need them. Ben Terry wrote on his Facebook page yesterday that he experienced something very special while waiting for his haircut. While sitting in the waiting area, there was a lady ahead of him getting her hair done. With her was her service dog. Service dogs help their humans perform daily tasks, or can use their senses to let their humans know when their blood sugar might be getting low. They can even sense a seizure beginning to happen and give an alert.

Ben Terry KPLC
Ben Terry KPLC

Typically, service animals stick very close to their humans and are trained not to socialize when out in public. This is why it is very important to leave a service animal be when you're in public unless you ask the owner if it is ok to interact. The reason being is that you don't want to distract the animal from doing its job.

In the case of the hair salon, Pokie the service dog decided to take a stroll over to Ben. He wrote.

For some reason Pokie sensed something with me and came over as if I needed help. Lana [Pokie's owner] said he probably sensed my cancer and was trying to offer comfort.

Let the tears flow! As I am sitting here typing this, having already read his post a few times, I'm in tears. He went on to mention that Pokie just doesn't walk over to random people, so Pokie's handler was just as shocked as Ben during the interaction. I'm not crying, you're crying!

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