You asked for it, so we did it!  A new version of radioPup is available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and an update for Android users is set for the end of the month.  So what's new for the FREE app that you can use to stream 107 JAMZ?

  • First off, we redesigned radioPup with a new, clean look.  The we added new features like the Alarm Clock and Sleep function.  Like waking up to or falling asleep to your favorite hits?  We've got you covered.
  • You can also operate radioPup from your lockscreen -- no longer do you have to wake up your phone, unlock it and dig through your apps just to hit 'Pause.'  Do it all now from the comfort of your lockscreen!
  • Also, just like when you use an iPod, pulling your headphones out of the jack will now pause playback.  That way, if your headphone come unplugged, you aren't blasting music out to everyone else.
  • On top of that radioPup is now standard across all platforms -- the radioPup you use on your iPad is the same you use on your iPhone
  • We've made searching for your favorite stations a breeze with our updated Search functions.

And remember, radioPup is absolutely free -- just like radio is supposed to be.  Download it today!