He's got a face you know when you see it, but his name might not be quite as famous as the movies and TV shows he's starred in.  Character actor Chris Mulkey's been in such huge cinema hits as "First Blood" and "Radio," as well as such TV shows as "Twin Peaks" "Boardwalk Empire," and "Friday Night Lights."  And he just so happened to be in Lake Charles this week, dropping in on Hal McMillin's Sportsman's Paradise.

How did he also end up in Lake Charles playing at the Townsquare Media Golf Classic?  Well, it's not his first time in town.  He was one of the stars of the locally-filmed "Little Chenier" and also plays music quite frequently with Cajun artist Sean Vidrine.

In fact, Sean and Chris are shooting their own project in Southwest Louisiana -- "Bayou Trailer Boys."  The two talked to Hal about their project, their friendship and Chris' career in Hollywood.

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