We hustle and bustle around trying to find the gift that will make our children happy when the most priceless gifts we can give may cost less than $10. All they require is a some thought and the one thing that is most precious to us: our time.



Here are some ideas you can put together right now, relatively simply, that will ultimately make memories that will last long after December 25, 2015, has come and gone.


1. You-Pick-It Movie Night-- Give your child a bag or two of microwave popcorn and a "coupon" you create (even if it's handwritten) from Redbox or Netflix or whatever movie service you use. The coupon is good for whatever movie your child chooses. It says you agree to sit and watch that movie with them, no interruptions, while you eat popcorn together. It can be your special night, even if you have to watch "Frozen" or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for the 185th time.


2. Baking & Books Afternoon-- How often do we allocate an hour or two on a particular weekend afternoon just to our children? Wrap up a cookie sheet (you can even use one you've already got) and a couple of books. Include in or on the gift a note that promises you will bake cookies together one afternoon. I'm no Betty Crocker, but even I can bake the ones that are already pre-cut! While they are baking, read the book to your child. All together, the process probably won't take more than 30 to 45 minutes.


3. Play Day-- Between parks and museums, you could really make this a fun gift! It will cost less than $10 per child and more than that when you buy yourself and your spouse a ticket, if you all plan to make it a family day. Whether it's the Lake Charles Children's Museum, SPAR, or any of the other fun attractions, your child will have a great time. You will enjoy seeing your youngster be a kid! Add on to that whatever other free, fun activities you have planned. A walk downtown? Maybe a stroll through any of the beautiful parks we are so lucky to have in the Lake area? You decide.

Hopefully, these ideas have got your wheels turning. More so, I hope they have offered you some food for thought about how we all think about giving this Christmas. Time truly is the best gift we can give.

Merry Christmas!


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