The response has been terrific for our cruise with the "Zydeco Boss" Keith Frank.  We have a large group that has already booked their spot on the Royal Caribbean "Mariner of the Seas" on January 13th-20th, 2013 cruise.

We are headed to the tropical locations of Belize, Roatan, Honduras, and Cozumel Mexico.  We wanted to give you a tour of what to expect and what you can do at each port of this once in a life time trip with Keith Frank!

After you take this tour below, I know you will be ready to book so here is the info.  You can book your cabin for a limited time with only a $25 Non-refunding deposit.  Call Globetrek Travel at 337-477-0835 or click HERE to secure your cabin today!

Here is the Cruise Itinerary for your 7 day cruise:

Sun            Galveston, Texas                                     04:30PM

Here is what you can expect from our parties with the "Zydeco Boss" Keith Frank


Mon          Cruising       ***Private Party With Keith Frank***

Tue            Cruising       ***Private Party With Keith Frank***

Wed          Roatan, Honduras               08:00AM            05:00PM

Roatan Islands:Great Place To Snorkel Check This out:


Thu           Belize City, Belize                08:00AM            05:00PM

Here is a tour of Belize:


Fri             Cozumel, Mexico                 07:00AM            04:00PM


Here is a tour of Cozumel Mexico:


Sat             Cruising                         *****Private Party with Keith Frank****

Sun            Galveston, Texas                  07:00AM

Keith Frank Cruise


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