It was an interesting night in the lottery world. The numbers that were set to be drawn on Monday night were delayed due to a processing issue in sales. There was no word on which area had the processing issue, and they have the right to not say where it was as per their policy. The drawing cannot take place until all of the lottery participants can submit their sales. Until that happens, we all have to wait like we did last night.

The price for the Monday drawing was originally set at $1.9 billion, but after updating its sales for today's drawing, the new jackpot is set at $2.4 bullion. After the drawing, there was no word if a jackpot ticket had been drawn, but that will come later on in the day. The jackpot has not been won since August. With no wins since that time, the jackpot has now become the largest jackpot in history.

The odds of winning are currently 1 in 292.2 million.

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