As President Biden toured Louisiana to survey the damage from Hurricane Ida, one group of linemen working to restore power took the opportunity to express just what they thought about him...and social media is loving it.

Power Crew Protests President Biden's Hurricane Ida Convoy in Louisiana

Facebook user Blair Bryan says this past Friday, the crew in this video were instructed to pull over to the side of the highway as President Joe Biden's convoy passed while surveying the damage throughout Southeast Louisiana.

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Obviously, they weren't the only crew made to pullover as the President passed, but they might be the only crew to turn their backs on him.

While it's completely understandable why the roads are cleared of passing traffic as the President passes, it just seems like it's adding insult to injury to these crews who are working non-stop to help get electricity back to hundreds of thousands of Louisianians who are in dire straights right now.

Honestly I don't care who the President is, in a situation like this, the President's convoy should pull over and let the linemen pass.


Blair Bryan Via Facebook


Blair Bryan Via Facebook -

So earlier Emory calls me and tells me they asked his crew and others to get off the road because Biden’s team would be coming through in Louisiana where he’s repairing damage from Ida. I thought it was tiktok worthy when he sent me the video.


Emory has been sleeping in his truck in a Home Depot parking lot for days now. And he showers from a water jug. But Biden’s crew shut him down for 3 hours so he could 'come see the damage'.



The comments are pretty great as well.


Blair Bryan Via Facebook

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