Sad news.  The swimmer who went missing on Saturday at the I-10 Beach, His body has been Found.

Ray Lee Vital---LCPD

Officials with the Lake Charles Police Department confirmed the body of a Welsh man who reportedly drowned while swimming at the I-10 beach on Saturday has been found.

Agents with Wildlife and Fisheries located the body of 19-year-old Ray Lee Vital underneath the I-10 bridge around 6:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Rescue teams have been searching for Vital's body since he went missing while swimming on Saturday afternoon at the I-10 beach.

Officials with the LCPD, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and the U.S. Coast Guard began searching for him late into the night Saturday, and resumed searches on Sunday.

Make sure that if you dont know how to swim, take lessons before entering the water.

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