Louisiana folks love to get togethers but after the past year when we weren't able to due to COVID-19, folks are now getting excited to get back together for the upcoming Good Friday and Easter holiday as restrictions are starting to ease.

Good Friday is a big day for Cajuns and folks who live in Louisiana. Many people get together with friends and family to cook, play games, and just enjoy the being outdoors.

On Good Friday, you can expect people to break out the burners and pots and fire them up and do a crawfish, shrimp, or crab boil - or maybe even do all three. They also love doing things outdoors, so if you are going to a Louisiana home for a cookout, expect there to some form of yard games like throwing washers or playing cornhole.

When you hit those get-togethers, you can also expect loud music, singalongs, and a bonfire to happen once the sun goes down because Good Friday is usually the party day for Louisiana folks as they start off a three-day weekend.

For Easter, us Louisiana people do the traditional things most folks do, like cook a big meal for the family and the kids get to see what the Easter Bunny brought them. They will also do an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos once they finish destroying all the candy in their Easter baskets.

Growing up in a Cajun family like I did, one of the traditions I remember most was Paquing eggs. This is where two people take hard boiled eggs and tap the pointed ends of the eggs and tap them together. The person whose egg breaks first loses the contest. Then, we peel the eggs and make a tater salad or just eat them.

So there you go. If you're looking for a traditional Louisiana Good Friday or Easter celebration, there are some ideas for you.

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