I remember when I first moved to Louisiana back in 2001. I came across a lot of different names when I first got here and I am sure that I have probably messed up a name or two during my twenty years of being here. Believe me, with me being a native of Mississippi, there are not a lot of languages that I am fluent in. As a matter of fact, I took 2 years of French in high school and there is nothing like the French language that you would hear around Louisiana.

I came across this hilarious video from "It's A Southern Thing" and I laughed from the beginning to the end.


Small farming area in Acadia Parish and part of the Crowley Area. They have a popular grocery store called The Mowata Store which is a great spot for Boudin.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Mowata


This is a small rural area in Vermillion Parish and has a population of close to 1,328.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Gueydan


This is a village in Vernon Parish and is home of the South Toledo Bend State Park.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Anacoco


 This is a river that rolls into Lake Pontchartrain and is about 70 miles long.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Tchefuncte


This is another village in Evangeline Parish with a population in 2010 was around 364.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Chataignier

Grosse Tete

A Village in Iberville Parish. The name is French for Big Head according to Wikipedia.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Grosse Tete


This is a town in Pointe Coupee Parish and is a part of Baton Rouge. There were at least two American Civil War battles that were fought in or around this town.

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Fordoche


This is the main city near Houma- Bayou Cane and is nicknamed the "Queen City Of Lafourche"

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Thibodaux


This is a town in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, and is a town known for being the home of great athletic teams including Basketball. This home is also known as the "Dogtrot Capital of the world".

attachment-Mispronounced Louisiana Names- Dubach

I know about two out of the nine that are included in the list. Check out the funny video of these everyday people trying to pronounce these Louisiana names. How many were you able to pronounce?

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