I am going to try and keep the jokes to a minimum here, I think they will just write themselves as we root around into this story. Pensacola police received a call last night about an animal running loose in a neighborhood. Was it a monster? Was it a dog? Nope, it was a pig. According to the Pensacola Police Department's Facebook page and the Pensacola News Journal, it took five officers and two animal control officers an hour to wrangle the swine into custody.

The biggest issue was that the pig was close to a high-traffic area, and the police department did not want it to make it that far for fear of further traffic accidents, or breakfast.

Pensacola Police Department, Tony Giberson/tgiberson@pnj.com
Pensacola Police Department, Tony Giberson/tgiberson@pnj.com

The hour-long chase was concluded when one officer bravely jumped on the pig and was able to apprehend it safely. After investigation, it was found that the pig had no prior warrants, but also had no intentions of squealing about where he came from. The owner has yet to come forward, but the pig is currently in custody with Animal Control at this time.

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