Southwest Louisiana is nationally known for two things: food and weather. While we haven’t figured out a way to download burgers to your hard drive (yet), we did get you one of the web’s most powerful weather tools to help you keep tabs on Mother Nature.

If you scroll down the right side of home page, you can go directly to our new weather site and see for yourself just how powerful it is. Sure, you can get current temps and conditions, but do you want a five-day local forecast? Done. Want current radar and satellite imaging? Done. How about Titan storm monitoring? Oh yeah, baby. Solar and lunar information? Well, yup, we did that, too.

That’s because our friends at Intellicast have provided us with some serious tools. Want to know what the road temperatures are in the summer heat? We’ve got it. Maybe you’re concerned about the chances of an earthquake? That’s not a joke – it’s part of Intellicast’s map, too. Check for yourself!

Look, down here in Hurricane Alley, everyone needs to keep an eye on the sky, and with Intellicast, we’re arming you with the tools to do just that. Even we were surprised at how powerful it was. We asked Intellicast: “It’s going to cost us a million billion dollars to provide this service, right?”

And they said: “Nah, it’s FREE for all your listeners.” That’s right – free!

Mother Nature’s a tricky ol’ gal, but with Intellicast’s weather service on www.cajunradio,net you’ll always be one step ahead of her. Click here to check it out!

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