First and foremost, I am not a fan of snakes unless they are on my boots. I don't mind looking at them, and I have even pet a few. In the wild, it's a hard no for me. I will walk miles around one just to avoid contact. They can live their life, but I am trying to just live mine and not see it.

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This scenario would not have worked well for me when it comes to this little snake trying to make a house call at a home in Carlyss. Husband, Brent, got home just the other evening and found an uninvited guest roaming around the back door. Honestly, I had no idea that a snake could wedge itself in between bricks like this! Note to self, no bricks with deep indentions. This thing is just hanging out right there at the back door. I really don't know why said snake would hang out in that specific spot. It seems like it would take a lot of energy to grab on to that with your belly muscles. I know that "rat snakes" or whatever you want to call them like to get up in high places to check things out, but this is taking that to a level of Team Red Bull stunts!

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Brent assured everyone that they don't kill snakes at their house. They just move them away from the area back towards the backyard. It does appear that their unwanted visitor perhaps had a meal while it was clinging to the bricks. Hopefully, it was snacking on its namesake and earning its free rent under their carport.


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