The New Orleans Saints are hiring!  Head coach Sean Peyton in a press conference yesterday announce that the Saints have lost their defensive coordinator Greg Williams.

Where is Williams going? 

Greg Williams

Sean Peyton announced that Williams has accepted a position with the St. Louis Rams who just hired a new head coach.  Jeff Fisher was announce yesterday by the franchise as the new head coach of the Rams. Speculation arose that Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams would be leaving the Saints which was confirmed yesterday.

So what's next for the Saints?  Peyton answered a couple of the looming questions.

Was it Gregg Williams’ decision to leave?

“Yes, you’re talking about a guy who’s close with a guy he’s worked with for a number of years.  We visited yesterday.  I think there were a lot of things just looking at this move that didn’t surprise people.  I think it was a matter of getting through the season and not allowing it to be a distraction a week ago in the playoffs.  We visited and spent some time on it and went from there.  Our visit is between him and me.”

Did you make an offer for him to stay?
“We never got to that spot.”

Will you look within your staff to fill that position?
“We’ll see.  I’ll keep you guys posted.”

So Saint fans, what do you think of losing defensive coordinator Greg Williams to the Rams?


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