It would seen that being a Sugar Daddy is apparently more popular than ever. So much for a bad economy. It also seems that New Orleans is a "Sugar Daddy Haven."

getty Images/ Graham Denholm has released a list of the "Top 30 Sugar Daddy Cities" and New Orleans is number 11. Atlanta took the top spot. Houston came in at number 22. The survey ranks cities by how many "Sugar Daddies" there are per 1,000 men. New Orleans came in at 6.54 "Sugar Daddies" per thousand males. Here are the top ten cities and their "Sugar Daddy" ratings.

1. Atlanta       19.64

2. Vancouver 13.02

3. Orlando      12.52

4. San Francisco 12.23

5. Las Vegas     11.68

6. Tampa           11.50

7. Washington D.C. 10.01

8. Boston         9.91

9. Seattle        8.24

10. Austin       8.03